Codots - Rhythm Game

Download our new endless, rhythm based game and climb up the leaderboards!

Codots - Rhythm Game

Codots - Rhythm Game is an endless rhythm based game.

Collect the different colored obstacles by rotating the two centered planets with the rhythm.
Beat your friends highscores in 4 different game modes.
Collect little music notes to increase your combo and your score.

As the beat proceeds, it becomes more difficult to keep on with the rhythm.
Collect powerups to boost your score and climb up the leaderboards! 



We are a small developement team from bavaria, germany. We started developing games in 2017 and released Codots - a rhythm based casual game. For 2018 we are planning to release more fun games for both Android and iOS!

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We are glad that you are interested in our game. Here you can download our latets press kits including app icons, screenshots, banners, descriptions and more!

Codots - Rhythm Game press kit